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Hello, my name is Bart Masiero, and I wanted to give a brief summary of how I started this radio ministry. After high school I attended college at the University of Colorado, where I became a Christian in 1985. Having a strong desire to preach the Gospel after my conversion, I spent two years in graduate school (Harding Graduate School of Religion), and then shortly thereafter found a job as a campus minister. This was short lived as I didn't feel that preaching in a church building was my calling -- so I resigned my position, and have since then been working in the secular world, and more recently setting aside funds for a radio ministry, which has provided for this start up as of October 2021. You can find me starting Nov. 20, Saturday mornings at 11am on 770AM (KAAM) in Dallas.

Why am I doing this? All one has to do is look at the world we live in, with all the intimidating tactics being used against those who hold to conservative values -- and many times (especially lately), it seems as if there is no hope. Well, the Bible speaks in the midst of all this pandemonium -- but with so many worldly pursuits out there, and with the everyday grind of work and the busy-ness of raising our kids -- God has been left in the background. I'm of the opinion that this world is in its present state of chaos because God has not only been pushed to the sidelines, but disrespected, ridiculed, insulted, laughed at and ignored. And this is not a recent phenomenon, but has been building steam for many decades now, with insidious forces providing the impetus behind it.

It is my prayer that this radio program will assist in reversing that trend, and folks can become more aware that making Jesus Christ as the Lord of their life is the answer to all of their problems [though we're not always going to get what we want -- God can say No, which would always be for our own good (though we may not see it) and according to His own Sovereign Will]. And with that, i.e., when living by faith and all which goes along with that, we can be forgiven of our sins, stand before Him in The Judgment and receive an inheritance in heaven. A "raised awareness" of these critical issues, and a changed or repentant life, as God has so directed in the Bible -- that is the aim of this radio program.